iOS Workflow: a g33kym0m’s best friend

I can honestly say I like the iOS Workflow app a pretty good bit. (Actually… to qualify as honest I would have to say I’m addicted, in love with, and obsessed with it 😉 ).

I mean seriously. What mom isn’t annoyed when precious time in much-too-short days is wasted on random repetitive crap because you can’t find the right tool, app, resource, etc, to streamline the process? Until I figure out how to time travel or at the very least add some extra hours to my days, I’m ALWAAAAAAAAYS looking for a better-faster-easier way to do things.

Workflow is a FREE iOS app that means I don’t have to look. I just create exactly what I need.

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Build the Ultimate Search for Your Business, Just Like Google and Amazon

It’s a bad idea to invest in driving traffic to your site if the customer journey inside your site is not optimal – and if you’re thinking “my search traffic is a low percentage of my site, so why should I worry about it?” then your site search could probably be improved. Remember: in 2016, 93% of all Internet experiences started with search.

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