iOS Workflow: a g33kym0m’s best friend

g33kym0m iOS Workflow
I can honestly say I like the iOS Workflow app a pretty good bit.
(I can honestly say I’m addicted, in love with, and obsessed with it 😉 )
I mean seriously. What mom isn’t annoyed when precious time in much-too-short days is wasted on random repetitive crap because you can’t find the right tool, app, resource, etc, to streamline the process? Until I figure out how to time travel or at the very least add some extra hours to my days, I’m ALWAAAAAAAAYS looking for a better-faster-easier way to do things.

Workflow (visit their website HERE) means I don’t have to look. I just create exactly what I need.


I actually paid for my app, but Apple purchased Workflow in March so now it’s not just GENIUS, but it’s GENIUS-ly FREEEEEEEEEE. (I’m also a rather very cheap g33k so free stuff makes me happy LOL)

To learn more about Workflow, check out these resources…

Workflow on Reddit

There are SO many helpful people (and ideas) who frequent the Workflow Reddit. It’s a great place to learn, ask questions, search for answers when you’re stumped, and in general brainstorm ways to get the most out of iOS Workflow.

Workflow Documentation

This is a relatively new (much appreciated) tool that the iOS Workflow folks published earlier this year. It may seem like homework, but it’s incredibly helpful – especially if you’re new to the app – to read through all of the modules. It will alleviate that “uhm… what the heck am I supposed to do with ______” noob feeling 😉


This is a non-official gallery of Workflows that is constantly updated and has a search function. It’s a great place to go for ideas and also to search for Workflows that integrate with your favorite apps or services.

Posts in the g33kym0m iOS Workflow App Category

Here you will find links to articles and resources I’ve found helpful as well as posts about Workflows I’ve created (including several created for or with the kiddo because it’s just more fun that way 🙂 )


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