iOS Workflow: Create Your Very Own Color Gallery

iOS Workflow Color Tool by g33kym0m

If you haven’t heard of the iOS Workflow App, start with
iOS Workflow: a g33kym0m’s best friend

I recently discovered a JSON Crayola Color Dictionary (contains names, HEX, and RGB for 120+ colors) created by jjdelc on GitHub.

The kiddo and I are both a little particular about having just the right color for random projects. So, we used it to create a “Crayola Color Tool” Workflow that basically creates a gallery of 18px square color swatches that you can choose from when you need an easy way to find that perfect color.

Note: It uses the Imgix “PlaceholdIt” tool to create the swatches which is a really handy – and free – way to create a quick square graphic of any color based on HEX… you can even add text.
ImgIx Sandbox Available HERE
It’s a lot of fun to play with 🙂

I didn’t compress the swatches (they’re so small that when I did it to test the size difference there really wasn’t one.)

It also creates a handy local JSON dictionary (with the data from jjdelc’s original dictionary with the addition of file info for each swatch) of the colors for later use.

Get the Workflows

Create Crayola Color Tool

Example of using the created tool to choose a color…

Choose Crayola Color


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