WP Plugin: Enhanced Category Pages


NEW Version 2.0.0 brings a great new feature: with some magic, if your theme displays category/term description, then it would be automatically enhanced. Are you ready for more? You can customize the template by creating a content-ecp.php file in your theme of choice.

Enhanced Category Pages allows you to create custom category and term pages by managing them using a special custom post type.


  • NEW Visual Composer compatible – you can now edit the category using Visual Composer
  • NEW Genesis Framework compatible
  • WooCommerce compatible – product categories can be enhanced now
  • Easy to use for everyone: users, designers, developers
  • Automatically show enhanced category/term content
  • Customize enhanced category/term content by creating a content-ecp.php file in your theme of choice
  • Traverse categories using setup_ec_data that allows now category id as parameter
  • Enhance any taxonomy: edit any taxonomy term as a custom post
  • Edit category as a custom post – Enhanced Category
  • Automatically generates Enhanced Category post type for each category
  • Transparent synchronization of Enhanced Category and it’s corresponding category
  • Add any features available to WordPress custom posts
  • Easy Enhanced Category display on category template using <?php $GLOBALS['enhanced_category']->setup_ec_data(); ?> (see install section)
  • Internationalization ready

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